Learn English the Amter Way!

Learn English the Amter Way!

Are you a Malayalam speaker looking to improve your English skills? Look no further! Amter English has the perfect course for you. Our unique approach utilizes videos of native English speakers to provide an authentic learning experience.

Real-Life Conversations

Unlike traditional methods, our course allows you to listen to raw footage of native English speakers in interviews, movies, news channels, and documentaries. This gives you the opportunity to hear the language as it is naturally used by native speakers themselves. We then provide explanations and translations in Malayalam, making it easier for you to understand and learn.

Practice Makes Perfect

With Amter English, you’ll practice similar sentences in English to reinforce your understanding and usage of the language. Over the course of weeks and months, you’ll become more comfortable with how native speakers communicate in real-life situations.

Flexible and Affordable

Our video-based course allows you to learn at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. There are no classrooms or teachers, so you can study in absolute secrecy. Plus, our subscription fees are extremely affordable, starting from just ₹29 for one day!

Why choose Amter English?

  • Authentic learning experience with native English speakers
  • Clear explanations and translations in Malayalam
  • Flexible self-learning method
  • Affordable subscription options
  • Practice anytime, anywhere

Join thousands of Malayali students who have already benefited from our course. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your English skills. Visit our website and start your journey towards fluency today!

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