Introducing the Amter English Enrollment Bonus Program

Welcome to the Amter English Enrollment Bonus Program!

We are excited to introduce our new initiative, the Amter English Enrollment Bonus Program. This program is designed to reward your dedication and success in securing enrollments for our online English learning platform.

About is the premier English learning platform tailored specifically for Malayalam speaking people worldwide. Our comprehensive courses are meticulously crafted to address the unique linguistic needs of Malayalam speakers, ensuring effective and seamless language acquisition.

How it Works

Under the Amter English Enrollment Bonus Program, you will have the opportunity to earn lucrative bonuses for every successful enrollment you secure. Here’s a breakdown of the enrollment fees and sales incentives:

  • One year subscription: Enrollment fee INR 1399, sales incentive INR 460
  • Six months subscription: Enrollment fee INR 999, sales incentive INR 330
  • Three months subscription: Enrollment fee INR 799, sales incentive INR 270

Why Join?

  1. Lucrative Bonuses: Earn generous rewards for each successful enrollment, boosting your earnings potential.
  2. Trusted Platform: Represent Amter English, a well-established and reputable brand in online English learning.
  3. Flexible Options: Offer students a range of subscription durations to suit their preferences and needs.
  4. Proven Success: Benefit from our track record of satisfied students and successful enrollments.

Details required

  • Name of the Student
  • Email id
  • Phone Number.

To get started, reach out to our sales team at 98959 40500 (phone/WhatsApp) for more details on how to participate in the Amter English Enrollment Bonus Program and start earning rewards today! Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your earnings and contribute to the success of Amter English.

Best regards,

Team Amter English